8/17/2015 Chase Growth Fund 2Q15 Review

The Chase Investment Team reviews the Chase Growth Fund's 2Q15 results.
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8/17/2015 Chase Mid-Cap Growth Fund 2Q15 Review

Brian LazorishakThe Chase Investment Team discusses the Chase Mid-Cap Growth Fund's 2Q15 results.
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June 23, 2015

If you missed our 42nd Annual Investor Conference, click here for links to video highlights. Next year's Conference is scheduled for May 10, 2016


9/25/2015 Money Life With Chuck Jaffe:

Robert KlintworthBuck Klintworth, Portfolio Manager with Chase Investment Counsel, talks about technical analysis and discusses Chase Investment Counsel's market outlook.
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6/3/2015 CNBC Power Lunch:

Peter TuzPeter Tuz, President, Chase Investment Counsel, is interviewed about current market conditions and also discusses an individual stock.
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5/11/2015 The Wall Street Transcript:

Peter TuzUsing a Growth at a Reasonable Price (GARP) Strategy to Manage a Midcap and a Large-Cap Fund, Peter Tuz, Brian Lazorishak and Buck Klintworth are interviewed to find out more about our investment approach.
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