Personal Appraoch

At Chase Investment Counsel Corporation, you’re not just a data point—you’re a unique individual, with a family, family history, job and personal goals and objectives that you want to achieve. We’re here to help you make that happen. Whatever your dreams are, they are worthy of attention. Working with you, we’ll design a wealth management strategy and investment portfolio aligned with your risk profile.

If you’re retired and you need income, we can help you achieve the income you need to securely make it through retirement. If you’re a career professional juggling competing wealth objectives — paying off debt, saving for retirement, paying for your kids’ education—we can help you figure that out too. Or maybe you’re going through the most bittersweet of times, mourning a dear relative while pondering a life changing inheritance. We’ve got your back there too.

We listen. That’s the Chase Investment Counsel Corporation difference. We hear you and as your life changes over the decades, we’ll continue to approach our relationship with an open mind and open heart. Everything changes—nothing remains static. Neither should your wealth management strategy or your investment plan. With our small, tightly knit team of wealth professionals, we’re monitoring your investments to make sure they continue to help you get where you want to go.

As a firm with deep roots in Charlottesville, our close client relationships frequently encompass second generations, as we develop rapport with the adult children of clients. These relationships facilitate generational wealth transfer and inheritances, which can move forward without disruptive and potentially expensive sale and purchase of new investments, as might occur with a new advisory relationship.