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Chase Investment Counsel is a boutique wealth management firm owned by the Chase family and employees. Derwood S. Chase, Jr. founded Chase Investment Counsel in 1957 to provide wealth and investment management to individuals and families in Charlottesville and throughout Virginia. During our 60 year history, multi-generational families have relied on us for investment advice. We are proud of the durability of those relationships and our ability to help preserve and grow wealth over many economic and market cycles.

Personal Approach to Wealth Management

Personal Approach

Personal and family investment needs change as life evolves – from starting a career and raising a family, to the wealth building years and ultimately into retirement. Our wealth management team gets to know you, and you get to know them. You will always have direct access to our investment managers and experienced staff members.

Active Management

Chase’s disciplined investment management philosophy focuses on selecting individual stocks and bonds targeted to your specific financial goals and risk tolerance.

Which Are You?

Life Stages

Money In Motion

Career Professionals

Juggling a career and family life doesn’t leave much time for managing your wealth.

Suddenly Single

Managing your finances as a single person requires a mindset change.

Near Retirees

Setting a retirement date is a leap of faith without a retirement income plan.

Generational Wealth Transfer

Choosing between priorities creates challenges in generational wealth transfer.


Ensuring that you have enough income to last through your retirement is a big task.


Determining how to allocate an inheritance means balancing priorities.

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Financial Planning and Investing for Women

Financial planning for every stage of a woman’s life.

A woman’s financial planning and investing needs are unique and often change at different stages of her life or with specific life events.

Specifically the whitepaper covers:

Why Women are Better Investors
Financial Planning at Every Stage of a Woman’s Life
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Understanding Risk and Basic Investment Concepts

Understanding Risk and Basic Investment Concepts

When you’re a young adult (age 22-30) just starting your career, you’re facing a number of decisions for perhaps the first time in your life—where to live, whether to rent or buy a house, finding a job that suits your skills, how to get...