Near Retirees

Meeting the Challenge of Retirement Investing

You’ve worked hard to raise your family, build your career and save for retirement. Now that the “golden years” are approaching, many questions come to mind:


When should I retire?


Do I have enough money to retire?


How should I invest my savings?


How can I generate income from my savings?

Retirements today can last for 20, 30 or even 35 years and pose many challenges: inflation, market volatility and healthcare issues among them.

We collaborate with couples and individuals navigating these challenges. We analyze investments, expenses, goals and more. We construct a portfolio designed to preserve your wealth and generate the income you need.

From our years of experience, we know the challenges caused by market volatility are magnified as you age. We continually monitor portfolios for unforeseen risks to minimize substantial losses as much as possible.



We don’t stop there. As you move through retirement, we’re here to answer questions, solve your problems and ensure that your goals are met. We stay in close touch with all of our clients via phone, in-person meetings, annual events, and providing market commentary and analysis on our website.