Wealth Management

Personal attention to your individual needs is an important part of how we help you manage your wealth. We like to make sure you feel heard and understood. As we get to know your stories and situations well, we find that wealth management often involves establishing estate, insurance, and philanthropic plans. Working with outside attorneys and other professionals as needed, we are happy to share our knowledge in each of these areas to help you in your new situation.

Estates and Trusts

As part of our work with clients, we collaborate with estate planning and trust attorneys to meet your specific estate planning goals. If you are the beneficiary of an estate, we ensure those assets are invested appropriately based on your individual situation and goals.

If your needs require a trust, we work with your trust attorney or refer you to a local trust attorney who can assess your needs and recommend the right trust for you. In collaboration with trustees, we establish and maintain investment portfolios designed to carry out your wishes.

Tax Management

In an environment of uncertainty, tax planning is more important than ever. While no one can control the economy or markets, we can manage your portfolio with a goal of minimizing taxes.

We help clients manage gains and losses to maximize returns and minimize taxes. For example: we might postpone the sale of a security for a short time to secure long-term gain rather than short-term gain status. Or we might sell a losing stock to get short-term loss status. We continually monitor investment portfolios to secure the most favorable tax treatment for our clients.


For many individuals, philanthropy is an important aspect of their lives. That may mean contributing to organizations now or later as part of an estate planning process.

We work closely with clients to help achieve their goals. Collaboration with tax professionals and estate planning attorneys can help facilitate this process, ensuring that clients can use their assets in the best possible way to maximize the impact of their philanthropy.