Who We SErve

Success in life brings rewards—and challenges. Clients at Chase Investment Counsel include career professionals, those in or nearing retirement, and individuals and families experiencing significant life or financial events such as inheritance, widowhood, divorce, or sale of a business. We have many years of experience with these situations and welcome the chance to share it with you.

Life Stages

As you progress through three key phases of your life—working career professional, then nearing retirement, and finally, fully in retirement—we often hear these questions:


How do I manage my career, family, and investments?


When I can comfortably retire?


How can my golden years truly be golden?


Can I make sure my family has enough income to last through our retirement?

Every successful financial plan relies on mapping out clear goals, whatever stage you are in your financial life. By taking the first steps on that road, you can be on your way to making sure that the wealth you’ve earned will work for you in your retirement. We are honored that our clients have entrusted us with the management of their wealth in order to see their financial vision come to fruition.

Career Professionals

Juggling a career and family life doesn’t leave much time for managing your wealth.

Near Retirees

Planning for retirement takes work.


Ensuring that you have enough income to last through your retirement is a big task.

Money In Motion

Life brings changes. Some are more welcome than others. New found wealth, such as an inheritance, often raises many questions.


What should I do with my new found wealth?


How much should I spend and how much should I invest?


Will this money change my tax situation?


Do any estate plans need to be changed?

There are no one-size-fits all answers to these questions. Every situation is unique. The beneficiary of an inheritance has different issues than someone losing a spouse either through death or divorce.

We listen as you make sense of your new situation. We’ll analyze your options and discuss them with you. When you decide on a direction, we can create a plan to preserve and grow the assets you have. And as your new situation changes, we will help adjust that plan as necessary.

Generational Wealth Transfer

Choosing between priorities creates challenges in generational wealth transfer.


Determining how to allocate an inheritance means balancing priorities.

Suddenly single

Managing your finances as a single person requires a mindset change.