Generational Wealth Transfer

Explore Your Financial Options

If you are the beneficiary of an inheritance, or a trust or a life insurance policy, integrating these assets into your own financial plan is not simple. You have many choices:


Do I pay down debt or add to savings?


Can I spend more or make that big purchase I wanted?


Should I start a philanthropic venture?


Do I need to provide for my heirs?

How you proceed depends on your financial situation and your goals. We can collaborate with you to create a plan to effectively manage your new-found wealth.

We may assist you in prioritizing your goals and creating an investment strategy to realize them. Wealth transfers often have tax consequences, which we take into consideration in the planning and investment process. For many individuals and families, securing family finances for future generations and starting philanthropic ventures become important priorities.

New found wealth often provides the opportunity to fund long-term goals, while using current resources to reduce debt, save or spend. If this describes you, we can introduce you to and work with related professionals such as estate planning attorneys and accountants to ensure that these long-term goals are planned for in the most appropriate manner.