Market Commentary February 2022: Uncertainties, Shortages and Inflation

Feb 10, 2022 | Market Commentary

Most investors are aware of the numerous negatives and uncertainties that are impacting the stock market. The annual inflation rate was 7% in December. The Federal Reserve is expected to raise short term interest rates by 0.25% quarterly three or four times in 2022. Russia is threatening war with the Ukraine and China and Taiwan relations seem to be worsening. Then too, critical shortages of semiconductors and other components are restricting the economy and the production of several companies we are invested in.

It will be particularly important to monitor breadth participation and Demand intensity during short-term rallies. We may not have seen the end of this long-term Bull market,

Our February 2022 market commentary provided by Derwood S. Chase, Jr. Founder & Chairman Emeritus, Chase Investment Counsel.

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