May 2021 Market Commentary: Strong Recoveries from the Covid-19 Recession

May 7, 2021 | Market Commentary

April marked a decent month for U.S. equities markets with most indices up and some up substantially. Three factors most probably lend to these results: recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, the tremendous amount of stimulus money in the economy, and strong earnings coming out for most U.S. corporations beginning in mid-April. May 2021 Market Commentary

Over the past three months, the U.S. economy and equities continued their strong recoveries. Recent U.S. economic statistics have been impressive as well. We are now in the “Sell in May and go away” part of the year. It bears thinking about, especially when markets are at record highs.

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Thank you to all who participated in our informal survey last month, here are the results:

Is the Market More or Less Risky Now Than a Year Ago?

More Risky Now: 64.29%

More Risky a Year Ago: 35.71%